Algoritm Summer School ROME 2024 _ The 9th Cycle

Algoritm Summer School ROME 2024 _ The 9th Cycle

Algorithm Rome Summer School has an advanced computational approach that enables designers ‎and architects to overcome the imposition of prefixed architectural forms in order to enhance ‎performance-driven design and responsive kinetic solutions that interact with humans and ‎environment. Lectures on parametric design simulation, generative forms as well as kinetic ‎responsive design, analyzing and digital fabrication prototyping, are integrated together in 2 main ‎parallel modules. Students from the beginning of the school will be divided into groups to compete ‎on a case project increasing their ability to define project parameters, design factors, solving ‎problems, understanding factors relationships, involving environmental and human sensors, and ‎optimizing their projects solutions in smart and inelegance way.‎
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08 th July 2024 to 12 th July 2024‎ ‎(weekend free of classes)‎ In Rome
Registration deadline is 24th of April 2024

  • Number of students: 30 – 40 students
  • Official language: English with Italian and Arabic supports
  • Total training hours: 42 hours
  • Place: Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie
  • Theme‎: Responsive Parametric Design ‎
  • Fees: 650 Euros- includes all teaching materials, kinetic sensors and digital fabrications‎.‎
  • Relative outcomes: ‎ ‎

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