Tempus Captum – captured Time.

A Project of Photographic Analysis and Exploration held in the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum.


by Martina Barbonetti

Nature has always been present in the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum. This is evidenced by the paintings of romantic artists, where one can observe that during the abandonment of those areas for a long period, nature has overgrown the ruins and dominated uncontrollably.

Various green areas have been created during different periods, such as orchards and gardens, generating a unique biodiversity with the presence of exotic and rare plants. Today, the Park is trying to rebuild these green areas by replanting olive trees and creating vineyards. These reconstructions are based on sources or plants mentioned by Plinio the Elder in the Naturalis Historia. The “Mater” project is therefore born with the idea of exploring this theme from a philological and historical perspective, not only narrating its presence but also describing its centuries-old dialogue with the architecture and spaces. Hidden but always present in the Archaeological Park, nature is an integral part of its history and makes these places even more extraordinary.


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