How to enrol

How to enrol

Admission and enrolment

In order to be admitted to the First-Level Academic Diploma Course, applicants must hold a higher secondary school diploma or other recognised qualification, which may also have been obtained abroad. Students will be selected for admission to the course following a motivational interview and an aptitude test. The purpose of this interview is to assess whether the applicant has the creative potential, regardless of academic background, required to successfully complete the course of study at the Academy.

A lack of specific experience in the artistic field will not negatively affect the outcome of the interview, provided that the candidate displays the required creative potential supported by a proactive attitude.

The access test allows for the evaluation of the applicant in terms of both aptitude and motivation. Applicants are exempted from the aptitude tests if they are in possession of five-year diplomas from the following institutions: Arts high schools, ISA (Italian state art institute), professional graphics and film and TV institutes.

Enrolment will be possible only after this interview and will also require the signing of a contract.

Admitted students will be limited in number in order to guarantee high-quality teaching and to ensure that staff can personally guide each student along their learning path. Applications will therefore only be accepted as long as there are places available.

AANT regulation


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