Special Needs

Special Needs

AANT is a multiethnic Community and was born with the vocation of being an Academy that is open and inclusive from every point of view. These are some of the activities it proposes tin order o demonstrate its attention to all diversities.
– Constitution of an ethics committee and definition of the procedures for its activation.
– Establishment of a Charter of Ethical Principles to be signed by faculty, staff, students and foreign students.
– Cyclical promotion of thematic seminars and round tables to promote religious, cultural, economic, gender and special needs inclusivity.
– Attention to food culture linked to the religious beliefs of different students in vending machines.
– A non-religious approach is taken with regard to the institution’s signage and annual teaching calendar.
– Attention to and care for the removal of architectural barriers within the headquarters.

AANT set up the email: ethicscommittee@aant.it as a contact to be used in case should a community member need to be listed to as a matter of inclusivity

For further information, related with the Erasmus + program: https://www.european-agency.org/country-information/italy

Contacts: international@aant.it


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