AANT offers a number of possibilities, resources, assistance and instruments to help applicants choose the course that is right for them. Anyone interested in learning more about our courses can arrange an individual orientation interview to help them make the choice that best suits their desires and inclinations, find out about career opportunities and also get information on teaching, admission procedures and administrative formalities.

We are very busy advertising AANT in schools and student fairs all around, with flexible presentation formats suitable for all circumstances, whether it be a short meeting or with a small audience, in school premises or lecture halls. We are completely self-sufficient as regards the infrastructure and equipment needed to run our meetings, so all we need is your time and attention.

LIKEaJOB: work experience for students

As part of the work experience for students’ programme, AANT participates in “LIKEaJOB”, an initiative that was specially designed for higher secondary schools.

LIKEaJOB developed from AANT’s declared principles with a strong focus on quality and has two ambitious goals. The first one is to work alongside the educational institutions, high schools and professional institutes in a proactive and flexible partnership that can meet the specific requirements of each training institute in order to increase participation and mutual satisfaction.

The second one is to provide a truly educational experience for the students involved, through a specially designed process allowing them to work in a challenging professional environment with high-quality content.

LIKEaJOB, true to its mission of training and guidance, provides a multi-strand experience, introducing students to the disciplines of design and graphic design, giving them a broad and rich view of these two areas of specialisation and helping them on their way to make future choices in their professional lives. The process unfolds through two distinct formats, which can be adapted according to the specific needs of each institution.

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