International agreement

AANT- LVIV National Academy of Arts

On March 14, 2022, we signed a bilateral agreement with LVIV National Academy of Arts in Lviv to welcome Ukrainian students into our three-year courses. The agreement, which has immediate effect, has been made possible by the close collaboration between the International division of AANT and Mykhaylo Bokotey, who is responsible for international affairs at the Academy of Lviv. We are the first Academy in Rome to have started this type of collaboration and everyone at AANT has been involved in welcoming the arriving students and in providing for their primary needs Welcoming students who have escaped from war means witnessing first-hand the condition of those who flee, bringing with them little or nothing, arriving in an unknown land, where they speak an incomprehensible language, in addition to the emotional burden of knowing what and who they had to leave behind. The first student has already been with us for a week, but we are expecting others in the following days. The purpose is to give relief to these students and allow them to continue their studies in a protected environment. Owing to the partnership with the Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri, we will be able to provide the students with Italian language courses to accelerate their integration. The agreement, drawn up to address the current emergency, will continue to be effective once Peace is restored and will become a true cultural exchange between the two academies. Accepted students will attend academic classes and take the necessary exams, earning credits that will be recognized by the LVIV National Academy of Arts.


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