Through Nature

Through Nature

Tempus Captum – captured Time.

A Project of Photographic Analysis and Exploration held in the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum.

Through Nature

by Francesca Fortunato

The project revolves around the representation of the sites in the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum, seen through nature. The ruins, for once, become not the exclusive subject but the backdrop, in a game of inverted relationships, focusing on the exuberance with which nature has grown over time. The combination of ruins and nature is seen as a perfect synthesis of history: on one hand, humans engaging in the construction of new buildings, and on the other, the resources that the place offers them.

In these photographs, the author explores and shares the sense of tranquility and security that nature has been able to evoke in her. Photography becomes a cathartic experience that allows one to enter in symbiosis with the greenery and intimately appropriate a place that ceases to exist in reality and becomes an image in which one can get lost every time it is observed.


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