Over Time

Over Time

Tempus Captum – captured Time.

A Project of Photographic Analysis and Exploration held in the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum.

Over Time

by Marco di Paola

A profoundly experimental project is what the author wanted to create in “Over Time.” Guided by the storytelling techniques of one of the foremost exponents of contemporary photography, Mimmo Jodice, the project develops an immersive and surreal visual journey in search of evocative images enhanced by Jodice’s technique of motion blur. The author draws inspiration from Jodice, almost as if attempting to bring to life and make present in the scene the archaeological works whose energy seems to traverse the centuries and reach our eyes unchanged.

The photos are rendered detached from chronological data, with a vibrato effect that generates a centrifugal force spreading from the center of the image, evoking the suggestion that what we perceive as static—a wall, an arch, a marble face—possesses a pulsating energy that reaches the observer. More than recounting an archaeology of art, it becomes an archaeology of emotions, where the subjects come back to life and engage in a dialogue with contemporary humans.


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