Tempus Captum – captured Time.

A Project of Photographic Analysis and Exploration held in the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum.


by Luca Rovere

The project arises from the author’s fascination with postcards, which he considers, since their first appearance in the historical scene of visual representation of a place, to be of great interest. The Colosseum has been one of the most depicted subjects over time. Postcards have often been denied the recognition they deserve for their long history, being relegated to a mere superficial representation of a place, devoid of personality and evocativeness. However, if one were to pause and consider their ability to narrate often distant places with a perfect synthesis of their most distinctive features, conveying them to the world on a simple piece of paper, everything would take on a different shade.

Postcards originated as a means of communication, later becoming a true art form. Their main purpose was not only to inform friends and loved ones about one’s whereabouts, but also to represent the essence of the place where the photograph was taken. The iconographic representation of a flourishing and vibrant city preceded the static nature of the monuments. Their ability to travel quickly and over long distances, carrying thoughts, places, and atmospheres, still makes them incredibly fascinating objects today. “Postcards” pays homage to this long history, retracing the languages, characters, and forms of a time that seems increasingly distant from us.


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