Master in Computational Architecture and Parametric Design Optimization

Master in Computational Architecture and Parametric Design Optimization

Master in Computational Architecture and Parametric Design Optimization

02 October 2023 – 03 October 2024
Registration Deadline is 15 April 2023

Avenue : AANT, The Academy of Art and New Technology – Rome
Number of students: 20 – 30 students
Official language: English
Duration: One year of 1180 total hours; 600 for courses and laboratories + 480 for internship + 100 for Final project
Place: 9 months at the Academy of Art and New Technology in Rome and 3 months Internship worldwide
Professors and Tutors from  AANT – Rome, politecnico di Milano- Italy, American University of Cairo, Egypt, Beirut Arab University-  Lebanon and , SAS-UNICAM-Italy
Fees: 7400 Euros.
relative outcomes: – – –


Computational technology in Architectural Design is rapidly developing. It provides strong ‎capabilities to change life mechanisms and the way we act, think, communicate, and interact in ‎real life. The goal of this M.ARCH is to provide students with a new digital paradigm in design ‎and architecture, and make them able to gain practical experience on future trends of ‎computational architecture, generative design, algorithmic analysis, design optimization, digital ‎fabrication and smart kinetic systems. As they merge the fields of art, architecture, engineering, ‎communications, sustainability and technology. Students will learn how architecture can be ‎controlled and driven by parameters. It transforms itself in response to the constant change of ‎algorithmic functions and logic. The Master’s program allows students to develop skills in ‎computational design under Grasshopper3D and Rhino 3D software environment. According to ‎the parametric design strategy, the architectural forms should not be superimposed, where an ‎overview of building science and control techniques will be provided to link form and ‎performance. Students will also gain insight on what computer tools are available in practice to ‎assess various measures during the design process of built environments


The master program is based on an advanced computational approach that enables designers ‎and architects to overcome the imposition of prefixed architectural forms in order to enhance ‎performance-driven design. Intensive lectures and tutorials on parametric design simulation, ‎generative algorithms, form finding, analyzing, optimization, intelligent facades and digital ‎fabrication prototyping, all integrated together in eight main modules followed by internship and ‎final application for each student.
Module 01: Digital Modeling and Parametric Design ‎
Module 02: Advanced Parametric Modeling and Visual Programming
Module 03:Intelligent Design and Kinetic Systems
Module 04: Digital fabrication and Structural Optimization
Module 05: Selective Digital Design Topic
Module 06: Research Methodology and Academic English ‎
Module 07: (off campus): Internship



Arturo Tedeschi is a computational design specialist with more of ten years of experience in the avant-garde segment of architecture and industrial design. He works as a consultant for leading companies, providing services and training to all industries facing challenges related to complex geometry. His longtime research on algorithmic design and parametric modeling is culminated with the publication of the reference books “AAD Algorithms-Aided Design” and “Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper”. He taught and was an invited speaker at Politecnico di Milano, Iuav, The University of Sydney, Dubai Institute of Designand Innovation, University of Edinburgh, AA School, UARC, ControlMAD.


architect, PhD in Architectural Representation (ssd ICAR/17), research fellow at the Department of Architecture and Design (DAD) of the Politecnico di Torino; specializes in mathematical and parametric modelling. He has written articles on Reverse Modeling, on the manufacture and design of shape, on the digital representation of architecture and urban space. He is the author of the book “Disegno digitale esplicito. Rappresentazioni responsive dell’architettura e della città”. He has been a lecturer at the Sapienza University of Rome, the Polytechnic of Milan and the University of Camerino in the design classes of the SAD. He is now a lecturer at the Politecnico di Torino in classes of Architecture and Design.


Assistant professor at Faculty of Architecture, Design and Built Environment at Beirut Arab University – Tripoli Campus Lebanon. Holder of PhD in parametric design and Architecture from SAS-UNICAM-Italy in 2013. He got the 1st award and became the official curator and commissioner of Egyptian pavilion in Venice International Biennale of Architecture 2020. In 2017, He got the 1st award from United Nation Industrial development organization (UNIDO) for designing and executing urban family set in north Lebanon. Lecturer at Faculty of Architecture – MSA University-Egypt validated by Greenwich University-UK 2013 – 2015. He is the founder of Algorithm workshops that organized many international and national workshops and training to promote parametric design methodology in Architecture design since 2013. The organizer of Rome summer school at Sapienza University of Rome each summer since 2015.



Architect. PhD candidate at the school of architecture and design SAAD Unicam – Ascoli Piceno. Postgraduate specialization student in Environmental Technological Design at Sapienza University of Rome, finalist at Archiprix International Chile 2019 with the master degree thesis Temporary City – the geography of waiting. Collaborate with Keio University – Japan in the project AAT- Digital fabrication for common people. Focuses his research in parametric design and digital fabrication


Designer of numerous public works, such as the Library and Archives of the MAXXI Museum and the Pedestrian Area and Market of the Pigneto district in Rome.He co-founded the Poplab digital prototyping laboratory, and developed numerous industrial products for the Veneto Industrial District, such as the “Lotus” bike seat for Bellelli and the “Pat” self-shading brick for Terreal San Marco. He has directed and produced post-graduate Masters in Sustainable Parametric Design for INARCH in Rome and the IUAV University of Venice.With his startup PAN, has patented the modular structural system MU for temporary settlement in situations of humanitarian emergency. He is a senior trainer for professionals and industry in Computational Design and Digital Production in 4.0 processes. He deals with research and phigital applications with the “Real to Real” (R2R) method, characterized by product development through continuous in and out between the real and digital world. He is also expert in the main techniques of painting, drawing and clay modeling.


Architect, was awarded Erasmus plus scholarship for his masters in parametric design at Staffordshire University in the UK with the collaboration of Alexandria University in Egypt, researcher and teaching assistant at the American university in Cairo. In Addition to that, he participated in the AA Visiting School in Madrid in 2013. Also, he was involved in Algoritm as an assistant at the Rome summer school in 2016, and 2017 and 2019. Last but not least, he introduced the parametric design to multiple international universities and to the public at TedxYouth@Alexandria in 2016



Is an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture in the School of Sciences and Engineering (SSE) at the American University in Cairo (AUC). Former Director of the Faculty of Architecture – Design & Built Environment at Beirut Arab University’s Tripoli Campus in Lebanon. He has worked for prestigious universities in Egypt, the UAE, and Lebanon. He was a Fellow of the Heritage Program Fellowship in Liverpool (2020/21). His research focuses on the relationship between architecture and urbanism, emphasizing social behavior activities and their mutual effects on spatial and economic variables in urban spaces. His published research looks at different spatial arrangements and movement patterns on both micro and macro scales.


The Master will take place in Rome, hosted by Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie.

Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie
Via Monza 21, 00182 Roma.


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