AANT for Peace

Defend Peace.  It is worth more than the earth, more than your hopes and dreams.

Without Peace you have no hopes, no dreams, no future.

Love Peace, because it is the ground on which you will build your life. And if you contribute to its strength your house will be safe.

Build Peace, because it depends on you too, and know that it is fragile, so never be distracted when it comes to it.


The invasion of Ukraine is an international event that cannot be ignored.

AANT is an Academy that communicates through the languages of art and culture, and therefore strongly condemns war in all its forms. Our thoughts at this time are with the friends and families touched by this human tragedy.

We will do all we can to welcome students in need and help them overcome the emotional and financial impact of the conflict. AANT wants to be a meeting point for students from all nations to study together peacefully.

Because Peace is an achievement that can only be achieved through a fair education, AANT is increasingly working to teach its students the value of a neutral use of the media, safeguarding our national and global cultures.

The war in Ukraine can cause distress to many, not just those directly affected, so we are dedicated to supporting any student and staff member in need.


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